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Meadows Community Centre, 1 St Catherine’s Road CB4 3XJ

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CCVS: Project Management - Tools and Techniques

27th Jun 2016 9:30am

27th Jun 2016 4:00pm

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Increasingly voluntary organisations have to design, plan for and manage fixed term projects. This course will outline useful techniques for managing projects, look at how to manage fixed or short term project funding and outline how organisations can develop their approach to project management. The course looks at all the elements involved in developing a successful voluntary sector project – from having an idea and getting support to project evaluation. Through case studies, practical work and using tried and tested tools participants will learn a range of techniques to use.

Overall aims

 To introduce a range of practical tools and techniques to improve how we design, plan and evaluate projects
 To focus on how we can effectively monitor, evaluate and learn from projects
 To look at how we can develop a viable and sustainable plan for our projects

The day will be led by Alan Lawrie an independent consultant specialising in organisational development in public and voluntary organisations and author of The Complete Guide to Creating and Managing Projects for Voluntary Organisations.

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Posted by CAN network on 21st June 2016.