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Cultural funding in England - the new financial landscape, diversifying income streams and policy priorities

27th Apr 2017

27th Apr 2017

£210 + VAT

This seminar will examine next steps for tackling the funding challenges facing the cultural sector in England, and the latest progress in implementing proposals set out in the Culture White Paper.

It takes place as the Department for Culture, Media and Sport carries out a tailored review of Arts Council England, and in anticipation of a review into the Heritage Lottery Fund, and as HM Treasury analyses feedback from its consultation on the design of a new tax relief for museums and galleries. Discussion will also be informed by the Creative Industries Council’s five year strategy which focuses on financial sustainability, growing exports and IP management, and amid continuing economic uncertainty over the impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on central and local government spending.

Sessions will consider the way forward for fostering a sustainable and competitive sector moving forwards, with particular focus on mitigating the impact of further predicted reductions to local authority, grant-in-aid and lottery funding, including securing a fair spread of public investment across England and promoting effective financial management within the sector.

Further sessions will assess new financial models and revenue sources such as the rise of matched crowdfunding, corporate sponsorship, maximising IP assets and building closer connections with international partners.


Guest of Honour
Dominic Lake, Deputy Director, Arts, Libraries and Cultural Property, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Posted by CAN network on 23rd February 2017.