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Museum of Zoology

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Volunteering position
Illustrator for Sensory Stories




The Museum of Zoology produces a range of educational material to use for outreach. Our Sensory Stories are for adults and children with learning disabilities.

We need 5 bold illustrations to go along with the story of a woodpecker. These images will be presented alongside stories and sensory experiences for groups who come to the museum for our outreach activities.

The artist will be credited and thanked, and their work will appear on our website.

The work would need to be completed by the end of October.

Please see the outline below.

Woodland bird: Green Woodpecker

Illustration 1:  Cross section of egg showing baby bird inside.  Space around the outside of the egg is solid black. 

Illustration 2:  Four naked and blind hatchlings in a hollowed out tree trunk.  Some that are in the process of hatching and some that are fully emerged from their eggs.  Can only see inside the tree, fills whole page, except for a little hole with bright white light outside.

Illustration 3:  Parent birds bringing food to their young (with varying amounts of feathers and mouths wide open to receive ants).

Illustration 4: Tree standing in a forest with a hole high up in the tree trunk – a young green woodpecker is emerging from it, two are already flying and the last one is foraging on the floor

Illustration 5: Two green woodpeckers knocking on a tree trunk/creating a nest

For the full outline and more information please contact zoovol@hermes.cam.ac.uk

Posted by Museum of Zoology on 21st September 2017.