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Emily Bradfield

University of Derby

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Title of position advertised
Call for evidence: participatory arts with older people



I am carrying out a systematic review of evidence on participatory arts for promoting wellbeing and quality of life in healthy older people.


I am looking for all evidence on participatory arts activity with older people. The review excludes music/singing, but all other creative arts work will be included, eg visual arts, dance, drama, photography…


My review will address the following questions:

What is the effect of engaging in participatory arts on the wellbeing and quality of life of healthy older people?
Are there distinct wellbeing and quality of life outcomes from engagement in different art forms (eg visual arts, performing arts) for healthy older people?
What are the differences in the effects of active and passive participation (eg art making vs art viewing) on the wellbeing and quality of life of healthy older people?
Is there a relationship between participatory arts engagement and the development of social capital in healthy older people?


I am seeking evidence that meets the following criteria:

Research studies / Evaluation reports
Participatory arts (not arts therapies)
Creative arts activity (excluding music/singing – though if evaluation contains other arts as well, this might be included)
Arts activity with ‘healthy’ older people (aged 50+)
Qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods evidence /react-text
Evaluation must include measurement of wellbeing and/or quality of life
Evidence that includes comparison groups who did not participate in the arts activity is particularly welcome
Evaluation of passive / active participation particularly welcome (eg art viewing vs art making)
Written in English


Please email evaluation report(s) to by 31st October 2017.


For more details on the systematic review visit PROSPERO at the following link:


Thank you.


Emily Bradfield

PhD Student

University of Derby

Posted by Creative PhD on 13th July 2017.