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Laura Caller

Pint of Science

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Artist Collaborators



We are looking for artists to take part in a completely new science-themed event, organised jointly by Pint of Science and the Stem Cell Institute (University of Cambridge). We would like artists to develop artistic pieces that take inspiration from the work of a scientist. We will pair artists with scientists on a one-to-one basis. These scientists will be from the Stem Cell Institute, working on stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The artwork will be displayed for sale in a final showcase at the Stem Cell Institute in May, which is a great opportunity to bring creativity into the lab environment, and to help the public to engage with the work of the institute. 20% commission would be taken by Pint of Science for each artwork sold. We will also be releasing a podcast series of interviews with the scientists. For this, we would also be interested in including any alternative media that could feature as part of our podcast series - for example animation or audio. Please contact me on if you would be interested in being involved in this new collaboration.

Posted by PintOfScience2017 on 11th April 2017.