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Trinity to issue new agreements to registered Arts Award centres

We will shortly be rolling out new centre agreements to registered Arts Award centres in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We want to ensure that the process for the roll out of updated centre agreements is clear.  Please read all of the information below, which explains what will happen and what this means for your organisation.

The purpose of rolling out new centre agreements

It is some time since we updated our terms of business for centres and we hope that the new agreements will provide organisations with a clearer framework for delivering Arts Award.

What does this mean for your organisation?

Centre agreements will be issued to all centres that have submitted young people for certification or moderation since April 2014.

The centre agreement consists of standard terms and conditions that clarify the responsibility of the centre to provide appropriate administration for Arts Award.  A person with authority to sign on behalf of the centre will need to fill out all the required fields in the agreement, sign and return it to us.

We aim to make the process quick and simple by sending the agreement in electronic form so that it can be signed and submitted to us online.

If you have not submitted young people for certification or moderation since April 2014, you will be contacted by us separately to say that we are de-activating your centre.  Please do not be concerned if you are planning to deliver Arts Award again or are in the process of doing so, as there will be an opportunity for you to let us know and to complete a centre agreement.

Please note that the adviser status for all advisers linked to your centre is unaffected by this process and individuals will NOT be required to retrain.

As part of the process of rolling out the agreements, there will be set of Frequently Asked Questions (‘FAQs’) which will help you interpret how aspects of the agreement relate to your centre’s responsibilities in delivering Arts Award.

Completing and submitting your centre agreement

Agreements will be sent to your centre’s main contact email address you provided at the time of your original registration with us. Organisations that want to deliver Arts Award at any level (including Discover) will need to complete the agreement.

This means that if you are the main contact for a number of different centres, you will receive one agreement for each centre, and each one will need to be actioned.

Individuals (for example freelance artists or educational consultants) who have registered themselves as an Arts Award centre in the past, will in future need to be linked to an independent organisation (i.e. one that is a separate legal entity from them, such as a registered company or an arts/ cultural / youth organisation or service provider). It is the organisation that will need to enter into the centre agreement with Trinity rather than the individual.  Accordingly:

(a) if you are a freelance individual working with a single organisation, you are requested to arrange for signature of the agreement by someone with authority to sign on behalf of the organisation, such as a manager, school head teacher or director.   (You will be sent a copy for your own records automatically when that person signs).

(b) If you are a freelance individual working with more than one organisation, Please notify us that you will not be signing the contract which has been issued and then proceed to register any new centres via the adviser portal in the usual way.

Your certificates will be dispatched to your centre address as before.  If you would like to register an alternative address for certificates, you can get in touch with our team when you are ready to submit a certification/moderation booking and update the details we hold.

Trinity will be rolling out centre agreements in July for signature by the end of September.  When you receive your agreement, please read the information provided carefully and check the accompanying FAQ’s. Should you need any further support, you may get in touch with our team on

Posted by CAN network on 25th July 2016.