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Slovenia 1945. Death and Survival after world war 2. Children’s War Museum

John Corsellis was a young volunteer working with Slovenian refugees in Austria and Switzerland at the end of the war. Thousands of anti communist fighters under the protection of the British army were returned to execution and imprisonment by Tito's partisans after being promised protection and transportation to camps in Italy. The civilian refugees almost suffered the same fate. John is one one of the last surviving witnesses to these events.

We are presenting an exhibition of work from John's archive along with the Raphael Society's photographs of the Slovenian refugees at the Quaker Meeting House,12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge,CB5 8BA, (01223) 57535 from December 7th to the 20th.

Our launch event on December 7th starts at 7.30 pm. Dr Sam Foster and Marcus Ferrar will be speaking about John's work with the refugees. The event also includes a film screening about the Bandit Kinder, the children of executed partisans who were taken to Germany during the war. The film provides another perspective on the lives of Slovenian children.

Please contact The Quaker meeting for further information on our exhibition viewing times. 

Posted by ChildrensWarMuseum on 29th November 2017.