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‘Incredible project’ (Cambridge105) reaches its culmination

Sourth Cambs composer Jenni Pinnock's new soing cycle is premiered at Anglia Ruskin University on 10 March.

This 'incredible project' (Cambridge105) gives voice to forgotten characters from the borderlands of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire drawn from original texts by Graham Palmer.

From Servandus waiting on his lost Celtic goddess, to the POWs celebrating Hitler's birthday on Therfield Heath. From James Lucas's confrontation with Charles Dickens to Joyce Hatto's scandalous recordings.

Composer Jenni Pinnock’s predominantly tonal music is 'tantalizingly beautiful in smoothness and soul’ (Cloud and Owl). It features a tangle of quirky time signatures and memorable lines, focusing heavily on nature, science and the world around us.

Miles Horner - Baritone
Donna Lennard - Soprano
Sue Pettitt - Clarinet
Ralph Woodward - Piano

Ordinary people. Extraordinary lives.

Posted by GPWriter1 on 27th February 2018.