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Government announces multi-million pound investment in music education hubs

Over the next four years the government will provide £300 million to a network of 121 music education hubs to work with schools, local authorities and community organisations to encourage more young people to get involved with music and the arts.

Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, said: ‘The Government’s announcement of a £300m investment in music education hubs, which comes nearly five years after the launch of the National Plan for Music Education, is good news for music education, children and young people across the whole of England. A continuation of funding, secured for the next four years, will help enable music education hubs to plan their future and continue their life-changing work. We must ensure that any proposals for extra responsibilities for music education hubs are matched by additional funding and do not lead to a watering down of musical opportunities. Likewise, we hope this recognition of the importance of music education leads to a reconsideration of the proposed EBacc which has been so detrimental to music and the arts. Music is central to the life of every school – after all it is where all children go to learn so we hope that in the light of this great news, Lord Baker’s proposal for a more creative Bacc will be adopted.’

Source: ADUK

Posted by CAN network on 28th November 2016.