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Cambridge has chosen a new Bard

After a closely-fought competition on the sweltering evening of Sunday 18-Jun-17 in Cambridge Junction, five contenders were whittled down to three, then one winner emerged: Storyteller Glenys Newton.


Glenys takes on the task of being Cambridge’s second official Bard, having received the official staff from Marion Leeper, the outgoing, inaugural Bard.

As Glenys put it herself the following day:

“The role of the Bard is to speak out, tell people’s stories and maybe stomp the Bardic staff on the floor to emphasise points.”

She reminded her followers on Facebook on Monday morning that the work of a Bard is to hail all the good points of people in poetry, dance, song, story and to write satire about anyone that caused grief to the community.

“The role of the storyteller, and the Bard, has always been to tell the truth. This is not always popular but this chimes nicely with middle age when being popular is not really an issue anymore,” she said.

“I will be gathering stories from the good people of Cambridge and surrounding areas, and telling them so am on the look out already for willing victims.”

Cambridge has got itself a very energetic new Bard who already has a very strong record of working with people in communities across Cambridge, working particularly closely recently with refugees, supporting them in speaking up and helping to tell their tales. “People’s stories are what connect us. Our stories create communities, friendships, we learn about our history and culture and the history and culture of others.” You can find out more about Glenys on Facebook (, and follow her on Twitter (

The task of the Cambridge Bard will be to spend their year as the Voice for Cambridge, helping to gather the stories of the people in the city, to let those in power know what the people need, and to help remind the people who they are, who they were, and who they will be. As well as individual appearances and commissions, the Bardic Council will also help the Bard host and curate public events throughout the year. If you would like to know more about the Cambridge Bard initiative, please contact You can find out more throughout the year on Facebook ( and follow on Twitter (

Posted by CAN network on 6th July 2017.