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Jeremiah Garsha

History for Schools

Faculty of History, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EF

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Hands on history workshops for children age 7-14

11th Nov 2017 11:00am

11th Nov 2017 12:30pm


For children age 7-11:

Healing with pepper, mummies, and unicorns (Led by Laia Portet-i-Codina)

Since Columbus’ discovery of America in 1492, Europeans had been exploring new seas, conquering new lands, and bringing strange products back to their country. Europeans were fascinated with these new plants, animals, and minerals. But they were also quite confused about what they were and how to use them. Where did unicorn tusks come from? Could mummies heal epilepsy? Was pepper a medicine and a food at the same time?Join Laia Portet-i-Codina as we explore the bizarre world of seventeenth-century medicine in France. You will discover what you could buy in a pharmacy in Paris, and even get to make your own remedy using an old recipe!


For children age 11-14:

Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding Europe after the Second World War (Led by Anika Seemann)

In 1945, Europe lay in ruins. But within only a few years, Western Europe was wealthy, democratic and peaceful. Today, we can sometimes take this for granted. But at the time, very few people imagined that Europe would experience such an incredible recovery. In fact, most people believed that a new war was imminent. In this session, we will look not only at what actually happened in Europe after the Second World War, but also at the visions and fears of what might have happened, but never did. We will try to get into the heads of the people entrusted with rebuilding Europe, and ask ourselves how they dealt with the biggest problems of the time. Finally, you will get to debate what you would have done if you were in their situation. 


When: Saturday 11 November

Time: 11am - 12.30pm

Where: History Faculty Building, University of Cambridge, West Rd, Cambridge, CBE 9EF

To book: email 


*The workshops are free, but bookings are required – previous workshops have booked out, so we strongly recommend booking early. Please note, a limit of 4 children per booking applies. We regret that due to space limitations, we are unable to accommodate parents as well as children, except in special circumstances (do please speak with us if you child needs extra support to participate).*


About the Workshops

Cambridge History for Schools is an exciting initiative from one of the world's leading History Faculties. Led by doctoral researchers and historians from the University of Cambridge, our workshops use fun, creative activities to inspire young people to try out ideas and ask new questions about the past. Come join us as we get hands-on with history at our next workshop!

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Posted by Cambridge History for Schools on 7th November 2017.