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Mike Cobb-Pernak

Mike Cobb-Pernak

Creative Director at Team Creativity/Creative Portal

Various art forms
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My background is firmly rooted in the arts and education.
Studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent and Manchester Metroplitian Universities working with influential tutors Victor Burgin,Stuart Brisley Perter Doherty and the amazing Bruce Lacey with whom I exhibited sat Kettles Yard.
My early career combined installation performance artist which I am reviving
and a departure recently in producing autobiographical prints under the pseudonym of “The Art Tourist”
Alongside producing my own artwork I have devoted four decades in art education both in teaching and also in Senior Leadership roles.
Creativity is a passion and I have combined this with my love of entreprenerial business in developing a social enterprise,free to all users to support the visual and expressive arts.
I value the impact of creativity on our daily familiars: well being; the eyes of our human vision and critically as a tool for change.
Currently I am developing a digital hub for young people to counter the narrowing of school curricula.

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