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Andrea Cockerton

Andrea Cockerton

Founder at We Are Sound / The Dosoco Foundation

Promoter / Programmer

I’m the founder of both We Are Sound and The Dosoco Foundation.  We Are Sound creates extraordinary sound experiences for the general public, and its main activity (currently!) is taking first time & experienced singers, mixing them with pro musicians, hothousing them all on a weekly basis for 4-5 months, and finally staging fully produced gigs in brilliant music venues where the people performing would never get a chance to be.  We draw in some fantastic sponsorship from sound designers and tech providers, the events aim high in terms of quality, and the results have been fantastic both in terms of broadening people’s experience of gigging and in attracting collaborations from some of the UK’s best musicians.

The Dosoco Foundation (of which I’m the founder and co-director) uses donations from profits from We Are Sound gigs (and other funding support) to give out grants to local projects and individuals using music for social good - such as supporting choirs for people with dementia, helping fun music therapy for children with behavioural challenges and so on. To date, Dosoco has given out c.£12K, which I’m really proud of.  For more information see

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