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Sarah Steenhorst

Sarah Steenhorst

Freelance Artist/ Project Leader (Community Art & Public Art) at Oblique Arts, Cambridge Art Salon

Visual Arts
Community Arts


My name is Sarah Steenhorst, I am originally from the Netherlands but moved to the UK in September 2012 to do my Masters in Arts Management, I met my partner here and therefore stayed in Cambridge.

I believe education is an important part of the arts, and arts is important for education I therefor would like to develop my career into this direction. In February 2016 I started a course in didactic support, to learn more about the techniques and physiology behind teaching.

I am a flexible and strong character with knowledge of the visual aspects, arts management, (arts) education and cultural differences.  I believe art can be seen everywhere, is important to our society and can be used not only for aesthetics, but can also create a social, political and communicative impact. The projects I have been involved in have proven this.

I feel now that I am at a stage of my career where I want to take my gained knowledge and experience and put them to use in the arts world.

For more information about my work experience please see my cv here:

Sarah Steenhorst

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