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Rosalind Lyons

Rosalind Lyons


Visual Arts
Artist / Practitioner

My paintings are strongly indebted to the Renaissance art of Italy and Northern Europe, Elizabethan and Jacobean portraits and influenced, more recently, by Shakespeare’s plays. Images explore the interweaving of silent words - the visual quotation, echoes, ghosts, shadows, of something sensed rather than known – ‘that is, and is not’(Twelfth Night V,i,213), the transience of performance and the illusory elusiveness of real and imagined memory.

As a practising figurative painter since 1990, I have exhibited regularly in both mixed and solo shows with work in UK and international private collections. ​​
I also have several years’ experience as an illustrator, principally for children’s books and educational publishers, and as a lecturer in art and design.

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