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Norma Silva

Norma Silva

Director at Norma Silva Multitango

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Expressing through moving images is my goal. Expressing my own thoughts and dreams or expressing thoughts and dreams of others. It does not matter the topic, setting or character because almost everything can be transformed into a video. The most important thing is if that what we see on the screen is exactly what we wanted to show to others.

When I look back at my life I see how closely related to video production my former jobs and activities were, and very often I ask to myself if all was just a training to be now at this point. Each job left me important skills and some of them are essential for my current career.

My early training in music, photography and arts during my childhood and adolescence shaped my aesthetic and musical taste. The lessons I learnt about creative teamwork during the years I had my own music band ‘Bandabar’ were fundamental to achieve good quality outputs.
My extensive experience as a pop music and tango DJ in cities like Madrid, Buenos Aires, London and Cardiff, gave me the possibility to be in contact with and respond to the needs of different types of audiences. I enjoyed this very much, and it stimulated me to keep up to date with music and cultural trends. Furthermore, I acquired solid technical and practical knowledge about analogic and, later, digital sound engineering.

As a freelance Event and Live Shows Producer, I implemented the skills that I had learnt when I worked for big production companies like Maximo Respect and Escape Urbano. I organised and hired the different types of services and equipment involved in live shows, such as light and sound equipment, stage structures and diesel generators among others, according to the size of the event and the type of performance. For instance, the event ‘Madres de Plaza de Mayo, Encuentro de Rock para contar - XX años’ (Mothers of Plaza de Mayo: A rock encounter to remember - 20 years) in 1996 was a big challenge. It was a live show for 35.000 people with four bands and high-profile public speakers. Apart from the complex technical requirements, large first aid teams, security services, ambulances, insurances and legal permits were also necessary to complete this work. As a Producer I successfully managed teams with different backgrounds, and budgets of big clients such as AMIA, the most important Jewish Association in Argentina (‘Janucá 97’), and small clients such as dance club owners (Benji Alvarez from ‘Caribean Salsa’). Understanding clients’ needs, communicating effectively and politely, and dealing with problems effectively were key to turn every project into a success.

In recent years I mainly worked as a video maker. In this role I have been an autodidact, expanding my knowledge and updating my skills with each new project. Constant experimentation and practice with DSRL cameras to obtain their full potential, extensive testing of different types of lights (such as natural or LED lights) and photography techniques (such as my time-lapsed work “Greenhouse” with Francesc Serra Vila), and continuous research of information online, made me correct technical mistakes and maximise results. With the same method, I taught myself to use Cyberlink Power Director, Sony Vegas Pro, Audacity and After Effects. I applied my creativity and skills to different types of projects. I made videos for artistic purposes like “Cambalache” or “Is this Art?” but also I worked in academic environments such as my productions for Cardiff and Cambridge Universities.
A significant professional development took place between “Healthy lifestyle” (for Prof Peter Elwood) and “Marbles” (for Dementias Platform UK). For the latter, my interpersonal communication skills were essential to achieve a remarkable teamwork with Prof. John Gallacher, director of the Platform, capitalising on my creativity while responding to his needs as a customer. All these projects would have been an impossible mission without a huge dose of enthusiasm, grit and determination. Each project gave me the inspiration to face the following project.

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