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Maddie Tait

Maddie Tait

Cambridgeshire Timebanking

Visual Arts

Exchanging Time Connecting Lives in partnership with Somersham, St. Ives, Cambourne and Littleport Timebanks.

Timebanking is an exciting way for local people to come together and help each other by exchanging knowledge, help and skills. In a Timebank everyone’s time is equal. Regardless of the skills or expertise being exchanged, one hour equals one hour. The Timebanks are fully inclusive, with dedicated and enthusiastic Timebank Coordinators encouraging everyone to get involved! Timebank Coordinators match people’s skills, arrange time exchanges and keep a record of all the members’ “banked” hours.

It’s a positive way of developing communities: Timebanks drive social change – they bring people together by providing a foundation for everyone to be equally involved in community activity. By encouraging new friendships and connections, Timebanks strengthen community bonds whilst reducing the pressure on overstretched services.

This years fundraiser is a Charity Art Exhibition which gives anyone and everyone no matter of ability the chance to see their work exhibited at the world famous King’s College whilst also supporting the work of Cmabridgeshire Timebanking and the Cambridge Hub.

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