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Luciana Rosado

Luciana Rosado

Visual artist/Artist practictioner-educator

Visual Arts
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I have experience planning and facilitating arts and crafts workshops in museums, galleries, after-school and holiday clubs, nurseries and schools and I am passionate about working creatively with all ages and within communities through the use of visual arts - painting, drawing, collage.

I am also passionate about the area of arts and health - using visual arts to improve the quality of life and well being of people living with health problems. I have been undertaking several training in this area and recently achieved Professional Certification in Creative Reminiscence Work through Reminiscence training, apprenticeship scheme - Westminster Arts London based charity - Remembering Yesterday, Caring Today Project - European Reminiscence Network. Remembering Together Project aims for people living with dementia and their family carers to experience creative reminiscence art sessions, in a group context, establishing new friendships and links of support.

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