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Liz Mills

Liz Mills


I’m currently entering my final semester as a mature student at the Cambridge School of Art, with the view to also tackling the challenge of starting a part-time Fine Art Masters September 2017.

My current practice is best described as contemporary drawings exploring the distortions we present of ourselves through social media, using found text and morse code to create abstracted geometric patterns. Previously I have worked with fibre sculptures, printing and ceramics.

Influences include (but are not limited too): Process, Minimalist and Abstract art. Specific artists include Leonore Tawny, Frank Stella, Donald Judd, Walead Basty, Tobias Rehberger, David Batchelor and Gabriel Dawe.

I also have 25+ years experience working in Administration / P.A. roles, which translates into a lot of transferable skills. I have excellent organisational and project / time management skills, plus the maturity to start and drive projects forward to completion.

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