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Jo Bryant

Jo Bryant

The Hands-On Company

Visual Arts

I am a teacher of English and Drama with a passion for learning through play and interaction. I created The Hands-On Company to provide a service where social education, sensitive subject exploration and traditional storytelling can be shared through puppetry and drama. I moved to Cambridge recently from the Berkshire area.

The Hands-On Company have workshops that explore a range of subjects and these can be customised to link perfectly with your curriculum or other objectives. We provide opportunities to enjoy the magic that drama and puppetry offers – the special quality of a puppet or actor, to entertain and be something memorable. When invited, we bring large puppets to festivals, explore traditional tales, recreate Shakespeare plays, run dementia awareness workshops, provide your social education needs and teach others how to make and manipulate puppets.

Our puppetry and drama can be tailored for all ages.

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