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Hannah Puzzar

Artist/Gallery Assistant at artbyPUZZAR

Arts Marketing

Passionately driven by her own experiences, Hannah Puzzar’s work explores a personal fascination for the ‘human condition’, with concepts of desire, sex, gender, identity and the body as recurring themes. Hannah creates abstract forms by adopting her own distinctive marks and shapes, which are habitually reused in various works. This is done purposely to achieve a sense of familiarity and form a connection with the viewer.

A Manifestation of obsession, Hannah’s often vibrantly colourful tones and shapes are psychologically charged and impulsively selected. She puts great emphasis on the role of intuition in the creative process, exercising aspects of ‘automatic drawing’ onto paper at first to develop what she will later convey onto canvas using various mediums.

“by using my sketchbook and camera I isolate the shapes and space of a person, constructing a composition which allows my work to become more abstract. I recreate this later in the studio with different mediums, fusing the work with emotion through colour.”

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