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Ernie Butler

Ernie Butler

Artist at Grass Roots

Visual Arts
Artist / Practitioner

I exhibit, draw,  paint in oils, teach, run workshops.  An arts practitioner and have been awarded Arts Council England projects. I have studied the techniques of the old masters and sought to apply them to my own practice.  In Chinese art, during the Yuan dynasty, they witnessed the burgeoning of a second kind of art.  This embodied both learned references to the styles of earlier masters and their own styles.  Art is a journey of expression as Constable said “painting is about feeling” & “I want the viewer to feel the wind and the rain on his face”. 

Some of the reviews I have had such as;

“Outstanding colours and bright crispness”
“Gives the viewer hope in life’s storms”
“Even in your storms there seems to be a peace”
“Like stepping from darkness into the light”
“wonderfully atmospheric”

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