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Eleanor Breeze

Eleanor Breeze

Visual Arts

Eleanor Breeze re-imagines memories and old photographs from her family life to create scenes that may or may not have occurred in the past. The images hint at narrative, but ultimately remain ambiguous; they are often melancholy, making reference to something lost or just out of reach.

The blurring of past and present is intrinsic to the images, and the physicality of the paint is significant in conveying this. Quick gestural marks alongside more detailed areas suggest different time frames in the painting process, and disrupt a simple reading of the image.

In Eleanor’s more recent work, she has elevated her mother to the role of Madonna, creating a body of work that investigates ideas of devotion and loss alongside the routine of daily family life. This series of paintings has been developed through her study of artists’ secular usage of the Madonna identity in processing psychological trauma, with particular reference to Julia Kristeva’s ‘Stabat Mater’ and Hannah Wilke’s ‘Intra Venus’.

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