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David Wood

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Born in Liverpool, I grew up around my father’s interest in painting as an amateur artist and my mother’s love of working with textiles. It was in Merseyside where I spent the beginning of my art education, I then furthered my education by studying Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. Since leaving education I have exhibited at major galleries and spaces; Mall Galleries, London; Banqueting House, London; Broughton House, Cambridge, some of these opportunities were open submission and involved being selected from thousands of other artworks. My work has also been selected by Nicholas Usherwood (Art Critic) and Martin Smith (Collector) to be shown in an exhibition called the Discerning Eye. In 2007 I won the award for ‘most innovative artist’ by the Civil Service Artist’s Society. In addition to this I have also exhibited in numerous other societies, groups and exhibitions.

I love to work in both Oils (on wood panel, canvas or paper) and watercolours and both require a great deal of skill and experience to pull off. Developing one’s own unique creative language is as important, to me, as developing good observation and draughtsmanship skills. I aim for my work to be insightful, beautiful and inspiring to others.

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