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Helen Claire Gould

Helen Claire Gould

Science Fiction Author/self-publisher

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I have been writing since my teens, having read my first two Science Fiction novels at the age of nine.

Shortly after suffering some miscarriages in 1992 I began writing for therapeutic reasons. I joined a British Science Fiction Association Orbiter, then a Cassandra one, then became administrator for a third. I had joined the Peterborough SF Club, where I met my husband, and contributed to the club fanzine A Change of Zinery. I set up the Peterborough Science fiction writers’ Group, editing two small press collections of short fiction, Shadows on a Broken Wall and Mother Milk, Father Flywheel. I organised a weekend workshop on writing for comics and had book reviews published in the BSFA review magazine, Vector. 

In 1995 I returned to full-time education. After graduating from Anglia Ruskin University in Geology and Planetary science in 2000, I taught Geology and Creative Writing evening classes, and edited further collections of short fiction by my Creative Writing students. From 2004 – 2006, I contributed geological articles to Deposits, an amateur magazine with high production values. I organised and ran a series of writers’ workshops for the 2013 Peterborough Arts Festival.

Floodtide is my first published novel, but I have several more novels and short stories, most of which are set in my own fictional universe. Find out more at

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