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Charlie Long

Charlie Long

Musician. Teacher.

Various art forms

Education and Qualifications:
Cambridge University - The Faculty of Education, Homerton (2013-2014)
PGCE in Secondary School Teaching

University of Huddersfield (2009-2012)
BA (Hons) Music (2:1)

Fakenham High School and College Norfolk (2006 -2008)
A levels (Music - A, History - B, Sociology - B, Music Technology - B)

Fakenham High School and College Norfolk (2001 – 2006)
11 GCSEs, (including English Literature - A, English Language - A, Maths - C)

Bass Guitar Grade 8 (2015)

Foreign Languages: Catalan A2, Spanish – intermediate level (unaccredited)

Music teaching experience:
Peripatetic Music Teacher (September 2016-present)

At the moment I teach Electric Bass Guitar at The Mount, Mill Hill International (part of The Mill Hill foundation) school which involves assessing pupil ability and needs then creating progressions of lessons that teach them the Bass Guitar through the genres of music they enjoy the most. I have also taken this approach to my Guitar teaching at secondary level this year at Bushey Academy and it is working well with the students I have there.

Since the beginning of September I have also been teaching Classical Guitar to primary school beginners (year 4) in both one to one and small group settings. I have taught both whole class Ukulele and Djembe drumming lessons, incorporating performance, notation and group composition to the schemes of learning alongside teaching the physical fundamentals of the instrument.

Teacher of Music - (September 2014 -September 2016) - The Herts & Essex High School and Science College, Bishop’s Stortford, Essex, UK.

I have taught Music to classes of 33 students aged 11-13 with smaller classes of around 20 students aged 14-15 and classes of around 6 students aged 16-17. These lessons included a variety of topics such as practical musical composition and performance as well as academic essay writing. During my first year I shared responsibilities as a pastoral form tutor for a yr 11 form (15 yr olds) and this year I have had my own yr 7 form (11 yr olds.)
I worked in a three person music department running multiple extra-curricular music clubs and activities (including a Junior Band and Folk Group), ranging from one to one sessions to groups of 30, as well as regular concerts every term and whole school musical productions each year.

Teacher of Spanish -(September 2015 -September 2016) The Herts & Essex High School and Science College, Bishop’s Stortford, Essex, UK.

In my final year of working at The Herts & Essex High School I took on two groups of yr 7 students as a Spanish language teacher -as I had maintained my intermediate conversational proficiency in the language learnt during my time working in Spain. In addition to teaching these classes, I was an accompanying member of staff on a residential music tour to Paris, and I enjoyed responsibilities as a member of staff on two Spanish Language immersion trips to Murcia in Spain with year 10 and 13 students.

Other employment experience:
(September 2012- August 2013)
English Language Assistant - Home To Home CAPS, Escola Santa Maria de Claret, Gracia, Barcelona, Spain.

I worked alongside three English Language teachers with classes of students between the ages of 12-18. I prepared presentations, quizzes and listening exams for the classes as well as giving one to one help with speaking.  During my time at Claret, I accompanied the students on a three day residential History/Geography trip to the North East coast of Spain, as well as writing and producing an English language nativity play at Christmas and a reduced production of Grease at the end of the school year, involving four classes of 30 students acting in each.

(August 2012, August 2013)
Student Welfare Officer/Head of Excursions/Teacher of English - Project International, Epsom College, Epsom, London, UK.

During these two consecutive summers I worked in an international summer camp focusing on Sport and English. As Welfare Officer I was in charge of the residential rooming/housing of all of the students on site as well as liaising between the students and the Summer Camp Director. As Head of Excursions I was responsible for organising a sightseeing day trip to London every two weeks involving all 53 students, as well as smaller weekly group trips to Chelsea Football Club, the Wimbledon Tennis Centre and planning the logistics of the airport arrivals and departures in coordination with local taxi and bus companies.

(August 2011)
Teacher of English/Summer Camp activities monitor – Project International, Epsom College, Epsom, London, UK.

During my first summer with Project International I was a teacher of English, giving informal three hour English lessons each afternoon to Elementary and Intermediate level students. In keeping with Sport and activities being the main focus of the Summer Camp, the lessons were centred on playing games and using English at all times during practical activities.

Other Information:

Driving License: I have a full driving license and have been driving for 10 years.
IT Literacy: Windows and Mac, Word, Powerpoint, Pages, Sibelius, Audacity, Logic X,

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