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Bisha Mistry

Bisha Mistry

Art Therapist

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I am a qualified mental health practitioner and visual artist. I use a variety of visual art media to help people who may struggle to communicate verbally or to express their feelings.

In art therapy, you do not need to have experience of, or be good at art, it is simply used as a medium for exploring difficult emotions and to help with awareness and self-development.

I strongly believe that communication occurs in many different ways and that every individual is unique in the way that they respond to their environment. In art therapy I work to tune into peoples’ experiences and to facilitate a creative process, which will enable them to continue through their circumstances feeling supported with their challenges. Within a boundaried therapeutic relationship, I hope to help people to connect with their experiences on a deeper level and to progress towards achieving a more balanced sense of being within their current lifestyle.

During my training to become an art psychotherapist, I gained valuable experience working for the NHS Mental Health Services. I have experience of planning and delivering art therapy to people of all age groups, from a variety of backgrounds, with acute and complex emotional and mental presentations.

Currently I work for Carers Trust, a charitable organisation that provides support for carers in Cambridgeshire. I am always interested in working with my local community to promote creativity for wellbeing, and mental health awareness.

I am available to provide art therapy sessions on a voluntary and commissioned basis, depending upon the purpose of the authority and organisation that are requesting the service. Sessions may be held on an individual or group basis, depending on the specific needs of the client.

I am open to interest from anyone who would like to know more about art therapy and also hearing about any projects involving the arts in community, education and health.

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