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I am a collage artist producing handmade artwork from cutting n sticking and a lot of patience.

After choosing a scene I spend many hours researching it for interesting, relevant & unique facts to be able to use in the collage. I love finding a song, a poem, a famous patron, maps, stamps & literature that are a part of the history of the subject that can then become part of the artwork.

My shelves and drawers are full of various paper ephemera, old history books, dictionaries, poetry, song sheets, maps, stamps and pretty patterned paper. Together with online shops and search engines I collect an eclectic mix of collage materials for each picture.

The bulk of my work has been through personal commissions where the scene and personalised details are decided on by the client.
These details are often important dates, names, places, and memories. It is lovely to see the clients reactions when they see their unique piece of artwork with all their special info collaged somewhere into the scene.

I also produce artwork for galleries and I am lucky enough for my latest pictures to be exhibiting in Byard Art, Kings parade.
Cambridge City provides so many beautiful scenes for me to collage, every corner tells a story and I am spoilt for choice for which one to focus on. Thanks to the history dating back to before the Tudor kings and famous alumni such as Newton, Wordsworth, Darwin, Forster, Pepys, Milton, Erasmus etc etc there is never a shortage of material.

Each picture is a one off and takes several weeks to make.
I update my website and twitter feed regularly to show examples of my work.

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