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Bernie Shaddock

Bernie Shaddock

Visual Arts

Goccha!  Got your attention now eh?

Me, yes me, artist, writer, model maker, storyteller, craft enthusiast. Although, in a previous phase, I worked in advertising and PR, which later proved to be useful in my work as an Art and Cultural Development Officer (Public Sector) for nearly seven years.
I’ve also been a Community artist engaging children, teens and seniors within a variety of arts and cultural opportunities: workshops, events and promotions.
Now I’m particularly interested in promoting British arts, cultural and technological information to children, adults and grandparents by using fun methods, See to National and International audiences.

I have just moved to South Cambridge and am available in any of the above capacities to support you with arts, culture, technology and history work. Happy to consider most things to help out with projects or workshops, answering phones, chasing stuff, making tea and coffee. 

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