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Angela Wright

Angela Wright


I have accessed CAN to look for a volunteer direction a few days in the week.  I have worked in fundraising before, i.e. several children’s charities, medical charity and medical insurance company.

More recently I had to stop work (2010) as medical audio typist to look after my husband. His condition is degenerative - but static and controlled with medication. 

More recently I have helped out at Chesterton community college (2012 /2015) as volunteer mentor to students Yrs 7 to Yrs 10.  Training initially through Connexions November 2011.

At the moment I am volunteering at Anglia Ruskin, on ad hoc basis, helping out by sitting on a panel; this is part of assignments for yrs 1 and 2 student nurses.  This shows nursing students that carers will be part of their understanding of the patient and extended family.

I am 57yrs and work best in mixed company. Young outlook and easy going.

Angela Wright

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