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Up to £20,000 of extra funding for artists & arts organisations


Supporting a dynamic and captivating English arts scene: want to discover England’s most exciting artists and arts organisations who are bringing something to their local community or the people and communities around them. With the support of the Arts Council England, they have £125,000 of extra funding to put towards crowdfunding projects. Do you have an artistic project or an idea that will help you develop as an artist? If so, you could get up to £20,000 extra funding towards your crowdfunding project.

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Full Criteria

Arts Council England wants to support artists and arts organisations through their Crowdfunding match.

Applicants will need to demonstrate:

  • Previous artistic achievements
  • How their project will allow artists to develop and/or pursue a new opportunity
  • How the project will benefit as wide an audience as possible.
  • To receive a match pledge from Arts Council your project must be:
  • Using one a recognised artform– excluding museums and libraries) – excluding museums and libraries
  • Raising funds of between £4,000 and £40,000
  • Funds from ACE will only be released if projects reach at least 100% of their target
  • At least 25% funded on the Crowdfunder website
  • Funded from at least 5 unique backers
  • Able to start no more than 3 months from the point at which funding is released
  • Completed within 12 months of starting funding
  • by an individual artist or an organisation which had an income of less than £200,000 in the last financial year

Projects must not:

  • Be self-promotional projects which do not provide public benefit. This would include buying equipment and instruments which would not be used for the benefit of the public
  • Have costs that are already paid for by other income including your own funds or any other funding
  • Be projects in a formal educational setting for educational purposes necessary by law
  • Be activities that are intended to make a profit within the project period
  • Be fundraising activities, such as charity galas, that do not benefit the arts
  • Be film and video projects with a narrative focus
  • Be activities or events that mainly take place outside England.
  • Be touring activity where more than 15% of performance or event days take place outside England.

Posted by CAN network on 6th April 2017.