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‚ÄčThis section contains information on all arts related funds and grants which are specific to Cambridge and the surrounding area.

Cambridgeshire County Council

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Cambridgeshire County Council: Community Innovation Fund


An Innovation Fund, initially worth £1 million, has been set up to help community organisations to deliver ideas that help keep people safe, independent and well and prevent the need for costly services. The funding comes from the Council’s £20 million internal Transformation Fund set up to transform our services. By investing in great local ideas, delivered by local communities for local people, we can help create more sustainable and cost effective solutions delivered in communities. Voluntary and public sector organisations, including constituted community groups, voluntary organisations, Parish Councils and social enterprises, are eligible to apply, initially with a short proposal about their idea.

Grants of £2,000 and above can be requested from the Cambridgeshire Communities Innovation Fund

Project proposals (Stage 1) can be submitted at any stage.  Groups invited to fill in full applications (Stage 2) will be given deadlines for completion to coincide with quarterly selection panel meetings. 

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation is managing the Fund on our behalf and full details about how to apply can be found here.

Posted by CAN network on 28th November 2016.